About Us

Welcome to Painted House Kent.

I’m Tania , owner, painter, sourcer, photographer and van driver.

In 2004 just before my last child was born, I moved to a Victorian house in a leafy village in Essex and decided to fill it with old and well made furniture that would suit the style and size of the rooms.

Whilst I loved the pieces I found, they  were a bit dull and so spent the first weeks of my maternity leave , sanding, priming and painting the wonderful furniture that would adorn my home.

Before long, friends asked me to paint for them and a hop, skip and a jump from there, we moved to Kent in 2010 and my love for not just furniture but also saving the world from landfill really started my journey.

Repurposing , reloving and updating the pieces our parents and grandparents might have had in there home, fills me with sheer delight. To see the look on a clients face when I’ve found the perfect piece or painted a family heirloom that now takes pride of place in their home is my main aim.

I now have a showroom and workshop in the beautiful countryside on the borders of Kent and East Sussex.

Take a look where we are and come and pay a visit