Edwardian Mahogany Glazed Bookcase

Edwardian Mahogany Glazed Bookcase

Code: 11158


L: 121cm (47.6")Di: 123cm (48.4")

£545.00 Approx $690.75, €638.17, £545

Once in a while I happen upon an exceptional antique.

For those of you that have period homes and find it difficult to source something that will be in keeping but downs look like it came from Miss Havershams house - take a look at this beauty.

Edwardian, mahogany with inlaid detailing in ebony and boxwood. The quality of the craftsmanship is clear and everything from the lock to the handles are excellent.

A desirable bookcase, display cabinet or drinks cabinet.

W 121cm
D 35cm
H 123cm