Antique Painted Dutch Bombe Chest of Drawers

Antique Painted Dutch Bombe Chest of Drawers

Code: 10861


W: 89cm (35")H: 70cm (27.6")D: 39cm (15.4")



Without a doubt this is a bold move. But when you work with colours on a daily basis , where some are chosen for you and some you choose yourself.

I also consider that ultimately as a business owner my job is to sell the furniture that’s painted and often I have to be (fairly) conservative with my choices.

Occasionally it’s so refreshing to look at a piece of furniture and know that they deserve a really bright outfit , a complete change to the dull tones that it might have donned for years, decades and even a century or more.

The handles on this gorgeous bombe chest were the inspiration for the colour here- now look at them shine ✨

Incase you are wondering this fabulous colour is called Bamboozle - the name of this fiery hue was originally used to describe the deceit of pirates. Full of buccaneering spirit, Bamboozle brings joy and warmth to any room scheme and is easy to use in both traditional and modern homes.

W 89cm
D 39cm
H 70cm