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French bergère chair

Price per pair £495.00 Approx $680.88, €579.63, £495

Code: 10431


W: 62.5cm (24.6")H: 86cm (33.9")D: 54.5cm (21.5")


Do you have a favourite furniture item? Mine is, the Chair.

Essential, functional and with so many choices.

I have at least one chair in every room in my home and before I find room for this pair someone please grab them from me!

A recent acquisation they are faux bamboo and cane French bergère chairs.

Originally designed for comfort in the 1750’s, as the sides were enclosed and upholstered with fabric or cane. Whilst the seats are deeper than normal with a loose but fitted seat cushion.

Although these are not 18th century they really are comfortable and are the height of current interior trends.

Of course you can change the fabric if it doesn’t suit you but I must say I do love the dark floral background.

Price per pair.